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Shitake Madness: Growing Mushrooms on Logs
Saturday, November 3, 1:00 – 2:30 pm
Instructor: Wes Duren, Co-owner of Marvin’s Organic Gardens
Cost: $30, or $50 for 2-part series (spring and fall)

This hands-on workshop focuses on the cultivation of shiitake and morel mushrooms on logs. Learn to select, harvest, inoculate and care for logs in order to grow abundant and lasting shiitake and morel mushrooms. Japanese Shitake farmers used to beat their logs as a form of shock to initiate mushrooms to grow! How far will you go to grow your shitake? Logs and spawn will be provided to take home. *Please bring a 1 x 1 cardboard box to get your system started.

Parking is available in the Green Learning Station parking lot at the corner of Reading and Oak or anywhere on the roadways within the Civic Garden Center/Hauck Botanic Garden (entrances from Reading Road and Oak Street).

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