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Community or School Engagement Request

Since community service is the foundation of our organization we ask that the class/school/club do a little bit of fundraising for us. Not only will that money go toward purchasing more dogs but we have found that, in a school situation, the kids are that much more invested in our visit if they have personally contributed to a cause that they are passionate about. We ask for a minimum of $200 be raised. We have seen some great ideas come out of different schools, from chores around the house, making products to sell and one school asked the PTA to sponsor the event if the kids contribute to the school in a special way like patching books in the library or being Jr Tutors for the younger grades.


During our visit we can cover many different facets of what we do or focus on one aspect like the impact that dogs have on humans or we can focus on mental illness and the future of these amazing dogs. We have a wonderful group of Therapy Dog and Service Dog teams that travel to these events and make the visit fun and informative for all involved.